Work with me

What it means to be guided by me

Imagine how it would feel to be the person that influcenses his quality of life. Who would you be and how would you feel?

I love to empower people, heal them. Healing in the sense that they become aware of their own power, their inner strenght and knowing. Their true nature. Their essence. 

Everything else is an human experience. 

We need to be human, before we can embody our essence. This kind of awareness is not so much in our lives only when we decide to start with personal development. 

When we grow up, we basically learn to be good at something, find a job, start a family and do hobbies to make our lives more fun. This sounds like living but is more like surviving. Especially when life hits you hard.

Then it is time to look in the mirror and see what your role is in your life, in society and what you are doing to keep it all as it is. To me the question came: why is this happening to me? And, what can I do to change this? 

So I started to look deeper by following an education, and another one, and another one. I learned that I can read people which is extremely weird in the normal world. Now I am actively providing my gift to read people’s energy, working with spirits, past lifes and energy lines. 

I know the struggle to detach yourself from human experiences, especially while other people around you stay in this non-reality. I also know how NOT to do it.


I work with you on:
your inner child | human experiences such as work and relationships | balance | intuition | soul expression | grief | fear | passion | emotions | desires | feminine energy

The investment always pays back

Are you willing to do the work and invest in your happiness?

Only then the energy has a free passage to flow back to you and bring you love (which is the same energy as power and money), joy and happiness.  

The methods I work with

Intuitive coaching

With my gift to feel everything so very deeply and far through familiy and energy lines, I always provide you the most clear and pure answer straight out or your own energy. 


A constellation creates insight in the energy lines between familiy members. With a constellation energy will be brought to the survice to be felt, understood and recovered (which relieves also past away relatives).

Emotional awareness

All illness is an emotional depressed old feeling. This book has more than 1200 explanations of illness to motivate people to become aware and release old emotions to solve the body and/ or mind issues. 


Through my own experiences as a soul I can extract the wisdom I need to guide you further, solve issues, clean up energy and connect you to your true power.