Individual Coaching

You are the creator of your life

Life happens for you, not to you. 
This says it all.
All the events that have happened in your life, were there for you.
That’s tough to hear especially when life has hit you hard.

We are not our stories, we are not our emotions. 
We are human connected to nature and we have experiences, emotions and feelings.
But most people live like they are their emotions and make choices through it.
This keeps on attracting events with the same frequency. 
You must realise that you are NOT what happens to you.
This is just an event that gives you the experience to change.  
Ofcourse this is very hard if you are not aware of the messages or your own consciousness.
What is your role in this?

Do something that your future self will thank you for

Themes: health, self love, leadership, business, money, relations, work, fulfilment, passion, family, connection. 

I have the ability to see where in your energy line there is a blockage and to which generation or past life this is still attached. Energy speaks to me via images, sound and feelings. The spirit world is helping me. I translate this in each session to the next steps. 

Many people are still in survival mode, so the first step is to come back to your true nature. From there I work with you to embody your essence

Each step will change your perception radically because your energy is pointing this out. It creates magical moments because also your awareness will jump right into the depth of your soul. 

Are you ready to work on your mind, body and soul that will change your life and invest in your happiness?

Do you feel a big YES and want to have coaching, guidance, on a different level than other coaches provide, than you are at the right address. I coach intuitively based on what your energy is telling me. This is the purest answer and guidance you will ever get. 

For all kind of situations possible. Your energy is always with you, so it guids you through life. 

Let’s do this! Let’s work on this together and give you the life you deserve.

Please send your name, email and a message and/or telephone number so I can contact you before planning in the sessions.