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From Shit to Shine

Stephanie Tuinte (1983)

According to my Human design: I’m a mystical and incredibly complex soul and have an unusual and unique life signature.

My soul mission faded before I was even born.

That an unusual life path started already before I was nearly a human (+/- 2 months) when I lost my twin brother. Based on that horrible trauma I longed for warmth. But when I got born one month too early (c-section) and the incubator was needed, I decided that life on this planet was not safe for me. And in that moment, far before I even had consciousness, I closed off all my feelings. 

As a child this is almost impossible. But what I could do was step away from my place and save everybody else. This became my surviving mechanism. 

Through the years my senses would still be there but with my mind I could not understand a thing of it. Wolves would come and visit me in my dreams. I started sleep walking, screaming at night to hurt my nails on the walls and cry out all the fear and grief. During the day I was a dreamer, living in my own world. Soon I was going to be the weird kid that got bullied day in day out because of moving from my somewhat safe heaven to a new city.

Because I felt the need to save everyone this resulted in following educations en also doing a lot of personal development. My Ego was so strong that I had no notice of what was going on in my body. In my childhood illness was no exception for me, even dead checked in 2 times, but as I grew older there was only my head leading me. I was only 23 when I got diagnosed with pre-stadium cervix cancer. How could I not have seen this coming?

I learned several behavior analyses, presentation and negotiation skills and how to work most effective. I wanted to matter, and save myself. My mind was a well olied machine and with my endless creativity and curiosity I grew in every position. I had a solution for everything, won several awards for it. This became my profession. 

10 years later I was cured, on my own strenght. No chemo, no pills, just the idea that I really wanted to live! Several training in high sensitivity and new age followed. Still several situations occured which gave me more pain and raised the question: what the h*ll am I doing here? What am I doing wrong? I could not see that I was attracting these situation due to my low frequency (of my closed heart).

In the education of Guiding Constellations I found out that I am a twinless twin. The puzzle came together. This path I had to follow where every experience was a mirror for me to wake-up. If that did not happen, another mirror came up. And so on, until I knew. All the human experiences can never overwrite my soul’s power and wisdom. Little by little my heart opened again and all the senses could flow free through me. 

All these experiences make me the person I am today. I have found courage, confidence, selfassurance, honesty, clarity, faith, forgiveness, surrendering, compassion and how to be loyal to myself. To be my best partner without the need of anyone else. The embodiement of my essence got realized and because I know the highs and lows, this is the reason my practise is called “Stephanie Tuinte | embody your essence.  

Unusual Example

To reclaim my birth right by taking my place in the system and the next step, to break free from it, was necessary since this is where my energy is. Especially this next step, is not a common step for everyone. Mostly people stay clinged to old emotions or left their place not knowing they are living someone else’s life by doing this. This is not how life is meant to be. 

I am so grateful for my experiences, higher consciousness, the people I met in this life and the invisible world. Personal development is my wealth, health, love and therefore my passion.

My essence is in a constant state of metamorphosis as it is that I have to live ten lives in the one I actually have. It is a magical process of transformation happening inside me like a phoenix rishing from the ashes leaving the dust behind. So I know that being a twinless twin is nothing more than a soul process: as an old soul I did not wanted to go back to earth, so another soul came along and went back when I was about 2 months old. Now it is time to be whom I really are. 

I had to be born on my father’s birthday in 1983. Connecting the old with the new. A channel of love. Also in my Human Design is this mentioned (gene key 29). We are all love and that is what I come here to do: to help you remember, to break free from your human experiences and motivate you to do what you are here for. 

Everybody has their own story, but we all have only 1 dis-ease and for this there is only 1 medicine. The dis-ease is that you are dis-connected from body, heart, sense, intuition, soul and the universe. The medicine is to re-connect yourself with who you really are and what you are destined to do. 

Stephanie Tuinte

Education & Training

  • Next level coaching – Mathijs Bos (2020)
  • Transformation coach – Mathijs Bos (2020)
  • Guide of Constellations – Lattitude Trainingen en Advies (2019)
  • Basic Guide of Constellations – Lattitude Trainingen en Advies (2019)
  • Year program – 365 Dagen Succesvol (2018)
  • Astrology training Kick Start Your Chart – Stargazer Next Level Development (2018)
  • Spirit Junkie Masterclass – Gabby Bernstein (2017)
  • NLP – Sytse Tjallingii (2016) 
  • Lifecoach – Civas (2016)
My background is in MBO Marketing & Communication and HBO Bachelor of Commerce – Leisure Management and later on Communication since this is effortless to me. Energy is also communication so I know these choices were secretly directed by my soul. 

I am a double fire sign, light (air) and grounded (earth). My passion is to break people out of their human experiences with humor and awareness (water) which makes me an alchemist by nature.

My life in pictures

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I share several things about my experiences and the information that I get through ‘downloads’ via Facebook. And I love to inspire you with this and my opening up to being a Shaman. But you can also inspire me.

If you have a theme or question where you would like to get an answer on or just want to say ‘ Hi’ I am always up for that.