How would it feel to be free? Who would you be and what would your life be like?

We live in a man-made society and things are going quite well. However, most of the people don’t feel well and have fallen off the wagon. How is this possible? 

For the past 2000 years life was mainly based on masculine energy. That came with the era (Pisces) but now that we have been moving towards a new era (Aquarius) the feminine energy can make it’s move back ‘ in’.

But we are all, especially women, raised to live in a masculine world. Therefore I know it is time to step out of this ‘man-made society suit’ and embody your true nature. 

It is time to embody your essence, who you are and love yourself so much that you inspire others to do the same. This is the Love Laboratory. Let’s make more of it!

Challenge Yourself To Change

My life was far from easy. I could not be whom I wanted to be, but mostly I had chosed to shut myself off and just go with the flow. 

My curls were to wild, my sensitivity was not heard and I was not seen. Than who was I? We did not talk at home about feelings. Most families didn’t. 

So you can imagine how I ended up rebelling against this strange way of living. It was not enough; I became ill > pre-stage of cervix cancer.

I knew why. I got cut off from my true nature and my heart became hard. My energy was barely flowing through my body. Death checked in before. This was it. Done with this way of living. I embodied my true nature.

So now you can also imagine why I started this challenge: out of your man-made society suit

Women suppose to be women. Men suppose to be men. And we both have the same energies: masculine and feminine. Only we should not be imprisoned by it.

It all starts with awareness and action. Because only awareness brings you nothing, you also need to experience it. FEEL what it does to you.

Challenge yourself to change. 

If this sounds like music to your ears, then join the challenge. It is free. Or if you are afraid or you just simply don’t know what to think of it, then join the challenge too. 

Your happy and free life awaits.

Love your true nature so much, that you inspire others to do the same. Step out of your collective suit and step into your unique expression. Heal old wounds and break free from society.

Love Laboratoy

You are not here to fit in but to stand out. In order to embody your essence you need to let go of old wounds, emotions, things that trigger you and most of all; clear your mind of the collective rules. 
Step out of that suit.  That’s not who you are, but became. Now it is time to be who you really are. 
I share tips, tools and quotes to help you break free from this mind-made society. So you can spread your wings and do, what you are here for. 
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