The House of Feeling Alive

The Soul Journey where awareness & fun meet

A house to come home to

The reason of this beautiul home is my passion for personal development and enjoying the experience. Most of the time we become wiser by learning but by actually doing something you learn faster because you feel the experience. 

This has always been my way of learning things. It always felt like the other way around. However, now it is proven that kids but also adults get more (passionately) aware this way and therefore knowing better who they are, what they want to do and how they want to do it. 

I surely can say this is true. By feeling I would directly now what it would do with me. Make me happy, make me sad, make me strong or passionate. 

That is why I started my practice in helping and healing people. To speed up the learning curve by experience; personal development with exercises and assignments, and yes, with fun.

And therefore I know that this house is so welcome to all of you who are working on coming home to yourself. To feel it but also enjoy it. 

On the road to where ever it may lead me

I would like to – especially because I missed it myself and had to do it all by myself – set up a home where people can come to learn and enjoy how good it FEELS to get to know yourself. Yes, studying is awesome but I would like to point out that it does not always have to be so serieus.
Because awareness teaches you about yourself, what you like and what not, I would like to combine this with fun all together in one journey.
In June 2021 I will go on tour to Spain and hopefully feel which place I can call my home. There this house will host you who want to experience this journey.
By car together with my dog Senna and a friend we will enjoy this ride and the road where ever it may take us. 
Until then I will post mostly about longing for this next step and how exciting this is. 
Do you know anybody whom have a house already for rent in the are between Valencia and Denia, a nice place to live, or do you want learn more about the journey of coming home to yourself? 
Send your name and email via below form and mention in the message what you can do for me or what I can do for you.