Soul Reading

What I can see and feel in your energy

The power comes from within

Energy is so much more than a life force. It is there, even though we might not see it. Everything has energy and it is having it’s own vibration, like a signature. The energy is flowing in waves which is called a frequency. So you as a human are on a certain frequency.
This is flexible. Adjustable. 

Luckely because at your frequency you attract the same people and events. If you want to attract different people and events, you need to step up your game.

You are the creator of your life and to be able to direct this, you need to be aware what your frequency level is. Is it clear, pure or is there something that has been passed on and dragging your down?

I can see your inner world, your aura, with my eyes open.
Through vision and sense I know when there is something not right, missing or blocking you. 

Woud you like to know what this is for you, how you can change your life and what you need to have to be attracting and manifesting your happy life? 

Your energy speaks to you. Listen!

Send your name and email via below form and mention in the message: Soul Reading, so I know this is what you want and I will plan the soul reading in.