Family Constellation

To make visible what was felt but surpressed

Family constellation is the most effecitve method when it comes to healing trauma. This is due to the fact that a constellation only can be done through all the senses. When guiding a constellation with people whom acting als representatives of the family and the client, it is most important they do not know the story or situation. This way the answer of a representative is always pure. 

In the constellation all that is felt is being said, which makes this very pure energy work. Like a second change to look at a situation and understand why this has happened and what your role was in all this.
Most of the time also the solution comes to present itself. Then we have the chance to restore the energy line(s). 

I am a spirit having a human experience.

The people who represent someone of the family are placing themselves in the energy of that person and translate how this feels. They don’t know the client whom is bringing in the question or theme.

A theme or question can be about a familiy situation such as a secret what was felt but not spoken about. Also faith, war, fear of leaving or commitment, twinless twin or selflove can be requested.

Even elements can be brought into play, because everything is energy. As a child you only have your senses until around 7 years because at that time consciousness has been fully grown to be part of the human being. 

Especially in families whom are still attached to emotions of the past, are passing this on for 7 generations untill the heaviness is worn off. 

If there is something happening in your life that isn’t familiar to you, your parents don’t know it or if they are passed away or you only know stories, than a family constellation can provide answers and insights. 

It is about the real story or situation that was felt but not spoken about and therefore the feelings were surpressed. These will come to light to be felt, released and detached from the person you are today. 

Possibilities are:
* Family constellation
* Child line
* Theme constellation
* Business constellation
Element constellation

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