Personal guidance

A Check-in as a direction on your life path

Your energy is guiding you on your way through life. How magnificent, right? But I’ll bet this is a difficult exercise for you. For me it was too, because I know how big, bold and all over the place the Ego can be. 

Even though you have followed several educational programs and/ or are doing personal development, you still encouter your Ego. This is never going away. 

Because we are programmed to live from our mind, emotions and past experiences, we are destined to loose track. 

Deleting is not possible, but you can train yourself to become less effected by your Ego.

The universe has big plans for me and it is time to claim them

It is about knowing yourself and your Ego. Catch yourself in the things you do that are not in line with your heart.

Like me, many people carry Karma from the family lines and this is a heavy burden. But you are destined to break this chain. You can even free all other relatives in the line when you do this. Energy works in mysterious ways!

When you change, all people around you change; all energy around you change. This is the way how you can change your life.

If you are already doing personal development, becoming more aware on your life path or set a goal to focus on, it can be helpful and nice to check if you are still on track. I call this a Grow Session where I check-in with you(r energy).

This will save lost time, unnecessary side tracks, losing connection with yourself and your loved ones or even giving up on your dream. 

I can be the person for you on your life path that I had to miss when I was there struggling and fighting for my life.

Send your name and email via below form and mention in the message: check-in, then I will plan this individual session with you for high vibes and big steps forward.