Your future self is talking to you via your intuition. Listen!

Free Soul Reading

Would you like to experience what your energy is telling me? I will translate what I see, hear and feel and do this together with the Inner Compass card deck. 

Or would you like to know if you are still in line with your sacred calling, passion or the changes you make in regards to unfolding your full potential? 
Let’s do a Check-In.

Hello lovely soul

Life can be hard and painful, but mostly it works fór you as a mirror. This requires consciousness. Of you, your mind, your perception, what you are thinking, what your experiences have been, what your role was and mostly, what you feel. 

To feel is to live. From your mind, you are thinking, not feeling. Happiness is in your heart, same as love and faith. To build upon this is to get to know yourself in everything there is and isn’t there, fully embrace yourself and to love yourself and your life.

I’ll help you get to know yourself, empower you so you learn to direct your energy and return to your true nature, your essence. This will guide you through your human experiences by anticipating on what you feel, what your intuition is telling you, recognizing the antient programming of mankind but most of all, learn that you can create your life through your senses.

It is time to embody your true nature, your essence.

Remove the layers

Do you have a happy life?
Are you happy with yourself? 
Are you healthy, have you got nice relationships and a good profession that you want to do for the rest of your life?
Are you aware of your boundaries and are you able to live by them?
Are you faithful to yourself?

If the answer is NO to any of these questions, let’s sit down and see why this is not a YES.

But I also like to go deeper, go beyond your experiences as a human.

Do you know what you feel?
Are you aware of what (the human) experiences mean to you?
Are you familiar with carmic energy and past lives?

The only thing that you have to do in this life is knowing yourself and live your happiest life.

Get to know yourself, understand why situations happen, recognize your behavior, heal old wounds, be aware of your feelings and integrate a loving way of living. These are the steps needed for the connection with yourself. 

When you learn to choose with your heart instead of your head and listen to your intuition (the voice of your soul), your Ego looses it’s power over you. In this space faith will be there to guide you. 

Every step you will take, life is changing. You are no longer part of a past story, but can write a new one. 

Are you ready to create a life you would like to have?

Exploration call

As a shaman I only work with energy. It speak to me, shows me what I need to see and let’s me feel what is and what isn’t there. Mostly it is about patterns, old wounds and attachements that aren’t yours.

I am looking at your place in this life, the familiy lines, past lives and unfinished lessons. Because it is hard to see it for yourself, I will sit with you to talk through your current patterns and what I can do for you to break free.

Are you willing to step out of your comfortzone and work on this from the inside out?

Work with me

Translating the message of your energy

A direction on your life path

Individual lifechanging coaching & healing

It is your birth right to claim your place

Agenda & info

Expanding my ability online
Small Soul Readings via Facebook.

Familiy constellation
Moved because of Corona situation. 

With a few people I am looking at organizing a retreat about the sacred feminine. More to share on that soon.

Love Laboratory
At Facebook I’ve created a group to start with a free challenge per 1/1 to break free from man-made body society and to learn to love the wildness of your feminine soul. 

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I love to connect with people and inspire them. 

On social media I share my thoughts, experiences and downloads that I get, but also quotes and give free soul readings so I can spread this gift out into the world. 

You will make me very happy if I can inspire you and motivate you to get into action to reach that beautiful life that is waiting for you at the other side of the mountain. 

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